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We're very excited about Sintra's debut novel, Jackson's Neighborhood. With a holiday theme, it's also a fun read any time. If you're looking for a book that's lighthearted, heartwarming and loaded with all the mishaps that five kids can produce, then you'll enjoy it!

On the jacket: Natalie and Jackson Bennett are delighted with their simple, quiet holiday plans. Their isolated haven amongst a group of eccentric neighbors, however, is about to become a chaotic battleground filled with five disorderly young strangers and one inept offspring.

When daughter Dru announces that a new boyfriend, with whom she now lives, has planned a Christmas hunting trip with his oldest son, the Bennetts welcome her home. Dru unexpectedly acquires his other children, from two ex-wives, for a week. A series of mishaps and crises - including a lost child and an accident in a beloved 1966 Corvette - threatens Jackson's neighborhood, his home, and his sanity. Patience is a painful thing, Jackson decrees, as five wily and precocious kids romp through the Bennetts' lives. Covert tactics-and cash-prevail as each child falls prey to Jackson's off-the-wall sensibilities.

Jackson's Neighborhood is a delightful and wacky holiday tale - filled with the joys of not-so-innocent children, a little romance, and a few tugs of the heartstrings along the way.

You may not want to live in Jackson's Neighborhood, but you'll want to visit again!

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