Sintra Publishing is a small imprint with big plans. Sitting at the edge of a new horizon in e-books, we think "forward motion" is the only direction in providing exciting adventures for readers.

What's on our docket? First out of the gate: humorous contemporary fiction. Jackson's Neighborhood is just over 51,000 words, or the equivalent of about 200 pages, which is a popular size for many e-books. We're introducing it at a great price, too! An all-out mainstream thriller/adventure is up next.

Also on the coming list:
Tech-Lite Adventure
Light Mysteries (Modern Cozies in a Series)

We even have a Horror section up our sleeves. You'll see various author names under the Sintra imprint. Some will be pseudonyms, simply to keep genres organized.

With each release, though, you'll get to know new characters and meet up with some familiar faces in sequels.

About CK Kennedy

CK Kennedy wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of five. Of course, it saw only the light of her mother's eye. During college, a knack for (ahem) off-the-beaten-path rhyme led to the need for anonymity (it was a Baptist university, after all). The following years included such exciting projects as magazine editor and chief bottle-washer, a seven-year run writing a newspaper column, education packages, press releases, T-shirt and logo design, photography, and event posters - all in the course of one job. Later, a return to Texas prompted a switch to freelancing in web content and web site development.

In between all the for-hire fun, manuscripts were also coming to fruition, along with ideas and outlines for new works of fiction. With so many opportunities at hand in the world of e-books, the future is a very exciting place - for writers and for readers.

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